We are here because something is going wrong in Europe.

Here we are the witnesses of the lies of the European Union: a space of free movement and security

for Banks and Capitals and Terror and Death for the people at the external and internal borders.

Here are the refugees who survived these borders, we come from war and persecution and we are

persecuted here too. Treated as criminals our fingerprints are registered in the EURODAC system.

The Dublin III Regulation says that we are not entitled to choose where we want to go, that we have

to live in the first “safe country” where we arrived in Europe. Here is the first lie. Is Hungary a safe

country where Asylum seekers are put from six months to one year in prison without having committed

any crime? Is Italy a safe country, where tens of thousands of refugees are living on the streets, or are

reduced to slavery as cheap labor force for agriculture?

“Safe country” in Europe is even not Germany for the asylum seekers. Is it “safe” to live under threat

of being deported at any time? Police come to the refugee camps by 4 clock, pick you up and put you

tied up in an airplane. They send you back to a country where you have been already in jail or where

you had to live on the street, even though you have right to international protection.

Is this “Safety”? What kind of safety is this? For whom?

When we as non-EU nationals are identified by the fingerprints in the EURODAC System, the EU States

start to trade with our lives to determine where we have to be packed and sent .

Do they know they are dealing with people, or not? Why are we not everybody in the same way entitled

to decide where we want to live? Are not we in Europe?

This situation is no longer to be tolerated.
We demand to:

Abolish Dublin III regulation immediately.

Deportation is a crime against human dignity.

Dublin III is a State organized traffic of human beings.

Make Dublin III illegal !

Every day from 4 to 8 pm we are at Pariser Platz Brandenburger Tor – in front of the EU Representation in Berlin.
Contact us: 0152 1867 4747

Stop Deportation – Caravan for the Rights of Refugees and Migrants