Challenging the real face behind the smile of the (local) politicians Why our brothers and sisters are under siege by around 1000 police for more than one week and a final attack is announced to come very soon? The brutality of the police in oppressing political resistance in Germany has a long history. How far it will go this time? Why the district ruling green party implemented a state of emergency in four streets around the area where the abandoned school is based? Why nobody is allowed to move in this area? Why inhabitants, shop owners and workers have to prove their identities and get officers at their side to reach their apartment or working place? Why freedom of press is suspended and the public is blindfolded about what happens behind the fences and inside the building? Everything possible to defame and to criminalize the refugees can be presented later on. You want to echo what happened in the case of Oury Jalloh after killing him? For how long you will close your ears to the voices of the refugees? The refugee activists on the roof of one school in Germany’s capital gave their answer on a sheet: „You can’t evict a movement“. The refugee movement is everywhere, like in Berlin, Hannover (“Stop killing refugees”) or Hamburg (“We are here to stay”). It is already a long history of resisting and dying under a growing and highly sophisticated system of human right abuses, isolation and deportation, and the same long history of undermining self-determination and self-organization by NGOs, churches, politicians and alleged supporters. The refugee takes it all and continues to fight for justice – right now on the roof edge of the abandoned school building in Berlin. Is this what democracy looks like so that everyone gets this message from Berlin-Kreuzberg clear? In 2006 Umberto Bossi, then leader of the rightwing party Northern League, declared in the aftermath of an earlier drowning disaster of boat peoples, “I want to hear the roar of canon! The immigrants must be hunted down, for better or worse! At the second or third warning – boom! Fire the canons at them! Otherwise this will never stop!” Today in Berlin-Kreuzberg the politicians in charge (here the green party*) you be on the same position only with a different rhetoric and a different party background? What is your real position in the frame of Europe’s elimination system towards people who fled to this continent because Europe is engaged in their home countries like Ivory Coast, Sudan, Libya, Niger, Mali or Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan? Wars, warmongering, military coups, to maintain the business with highest profit rates are producing refugees day by day. When the victims of these policies turn towards Europe the hunt against them starts by all means and if it’s not the roaring canon than it’s pushing back in the deserts, piling the boats, gunshot or beaten to death at the borders. And inside the borders of the fortress of so called human rights and democracy there is nothing different in general than to eliminate the evidences of all these crimes by isolating people in the Lagers, by preparing for their deportation, by putting them in prison, by denying the basic rights to get a high risk to die because of the lack of means to survive and to stay healthy, by planting pain, traumata and sickness into the next generation. Who can live with it? We call on all refugees to critically rethink and strengthen our networks in our communities and act together. Germany, 2nd July 2014